Appliance recycling

ReUse recycling

Appliance recycling at Better Futures provides job training while generating income and a positive environmental impact.
In 2015, Better Futures MN recycled more than 11,000 appliances, keeping more than one million pounds of metals and other materials out of Minnesota’s landfills. Since then, we've established a yearly recycling average of 3 million pounds a year.
We work directly with Hennepin County to recycle the appliances from their drop-off centers, and we offer appliance recycling at our Reuse Warehouse for a fee. If you have appliances or other materials to donate or recycle, please check out our Accept/Do Not Accept guidelines below before scheduling a drop-off.

Please note our fee for appliance recycling is $35 per item. 
ReUse Warehouse


2620 Minnehaha Ave
Minneapolis, MN 55406


Monday - Friday: 9AM - 3PM
Saturday: 9AM - 4PM



Accept guidelines

For a $35 fee we accept:
AC units, dehumidifier & humidifier, freezers, refrigerators, water coolers, commercial appliances, dishwasher, dryer, furnace, garbage disposal, microwave, space heater, stove, sump pump, trash compactor, washing machine, water heater & water softeners. 


Please bring your appliance during our receiving hours and either $35 cash or a major credit card to pay for our recycling services. 


Electronics, TV's, computers, network equipment, cell phones, monitors, printer & cartridges, audio equipment, computer components & batteries.
When you use our services, you help our men gain important job skills while also helping to reduce waste and toxic materials that wind up in Minnesota’s landfills.

Recycling 2 million pounds of metal a year...

Appliance recycling by the numbers. 

Years Experience
Appliance Recycling Certificates Awarded
Lbs of Freon Recovered a year.
Appliances recycled last year.

Freon removal service

Better Futures is one of the few places in the county that does Freon removal from old appliances. That’s because many of our men are uniquely trained and licensed to safely remove Freon, mercury, PCBs, and other refrigerants. 
Better Futures Minnesota seeks to disrupt this growing public health crisis through effective, compassionate practices and services that work to avoid victimization costs and provide men with the opportunities they need to become productive citizens, fathers, employees, and neighbors.
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