Building a movement 

Better Futures Minnesota works to fuel and guide men’s desire to turn their lives around and walk a new path toward better health and success.

At Better Futures Minnesota, we are a social enterprise more ambitious than a single social program. We want to help build a movement that supports personal transformation and a healthy, vibrant community of men.

For far too long, current systems and practices have produced unacceptable, expensive outcomes and left men wanting to change out of the opportunity to do so. We believe our participants, Minnesota taxpayers, and our communities deserve much better results.

Compassionate, integrated care rebuilds lives

Our evidence-based integrated-care approach reaffirms each man’s dignity and seeks to instill the self-discipline and behaviors that are a prerequisite to self-sufficiency. By building Better Futures Minnesota into a work-training program and a profit-generating employer—through our reuse warehouse and supervised work crews that specialize in building deconstruction, building maintenance, appliance recycling, and janitorial services—we seek to demonstrate creative ways to place hard-to-employ men on a pathway to independence.

Learn more about how our unique social enterprise is making an impact on the lives of men, the community, and the Minnesota environment every day.

Healing Core Hurts through Four Fundamentals

Housing Stability

Men live in the Better Futures Guest House for six to eight months to help them connect with immediate supports they need, including mental health and coaching, and to help them establish rental history so they can begin building their own success story.

Health and Wellness Engagement

Through partnerships with Hennepin Health, NorthPoint Health and Wellness, and MnSure, participants’ immediate mental and physical health needs are assessed and addressed through trauma-informed and culturally specific care.

Workforce Development

During the first six to eight months in the Better Futures model, men will receive on-the-job training and two industry-standard certifications—OSHA and forklift operations—that help set men on the path to successful employment and self-sufficiency.

Life Coaching and Compassionate Care

Mindful, compassionate, trauma-informed care is available to men 24/7 and integrated into every aspect of the two-year model, helping men build authentic relationships that are essential to building a vibrant community.  

Learn more about how our integrated-care model is helping men walk a more productive, positive path and reducing recidivism rates.

Join Our Mission

When you shop our Reuse Warehouse or support our mission in the community, you can help men rebuild their lives and walk a path to success.

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