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Deconstruction and recycling provide a positive social and environmental impact.

Unlike demolition, deconstruction carefully removes a structure so that materials are recycled, repurposed, or reused instead of being sent to a landfill. Through our specialized deconstruction services, we work to recover salvageable building materials and divert as much material from the landfill as possible.

EPA estimations cite that construction waste accounts for up to 40 percent of the solid waste going into landfills. Of that, nearly 80 percent could be recycled or reused.

Better Futures Minnesota’s deconstruction services recycles or reuses 75 to 85 percent of all building materials. In 2015, through our deconstruction services and ReUse Warehouse, we worked to divert nearly 700 tons of construction and demolition waste from Minnesota’s landfills.

We believe “zero waste” should mean more than zero trash. By incorporating deconstruction services instead of demolition, Minnesota can reduce waste and CO2 emissions from the diversion potential of reuse. In addition, appliance recycling can capture harmful chemicals from being released into the environment and keep waste out of Minnesota landfills.


Making a positive environmental impact in 2016


appliances recycled through partnerships and drop-offs


pounds of appliance metals recycled


pounds of Freon captured through appliance recycling and prevented from being released


tons of building materials recycled or reused through deconstruction


tons of CO2 (greenhouse gas emissions) avoided by diverting building materials from the landfill


men employed through Better Futures Minnesota's business services


men received coaching, job training, and support services


certifications in deconstruction, property maintenance, and more were earned

Protect Minnesota's environment

When you hire a crew for deconstruction services, you help make an impact on the men we serve, the environment, and the community.

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