The Four Fundamentals of our care

Through trauma-informed integrated care, we seek to help men transform their lives and build a better future for themselves, their family, and their community.

At Better Futures, we know it takes a coordinated team working together to rebuild a life. For many men who come to Better Futures, a long history of unemployment, homelessness, disenfranchisement, and disconnection from supportive friends and family is common. We know creating success stories isn’t just about a getting a job or getting a place. It’s about having a support system in place that can help men start rebuilding their lives on their own.

The Four Fundamentals provide a coordinated response to men’s immediate needs in an effort to help them walk the path to success.

Housing Stability

Men live in the Better Futures Guest House for six to eight months to help them connect with immediate supports they need, including mental health and coaching, and to help them establish rental history so they can begin building their own success story.

All participants must live in the Guest House during Phase 1 of the Better Futures model. The participants live in a dorm-style setting, with rules and a curfew, and pay a small rental fee in order to help them build a solid rental history.

In addition, we are honored to partner with Beacon Interfaith Housing Collaborative, along with lead congregational collaborators Plymouth Congregational Church and Westminster Presbyterian Church, on the Great River Landing housing initiative, which will provide high-quality housing for up to 72 adults, including men served by Better Futures.

Health and Wellness Engagement

Through partnerships with Hennepin Health, NorthPoint Health and Wellness, and MnSure, participants’ immediate mental and physical health needs are assessed and addressed through trauma-informed and culturally specific care.

Each participant is engaged in a health program during the first 21 days at Better Futures. Vision, mental, and physical health are assessed and treated, as well as any chemical dependency issues that could impact a participant’s potential to fully participate in a life-building Better Futures model.

Partner doctors also work to address issues that disproportionately affect men of color, including hypertension, diabetes, STDs, and prostate cancer in an effort to address the unique needs of the men we serve.

Workforce Development

During the first six to eight months in the Better Futures model, men will receive on-the-job training and two industry-standard certifications—OSHA and forklift operations—that help set men on the path to successful employment and self-sufficiency.

All participants must be willing and able to work in a warehouse setting. During the first phase of Better Futures, all participants receive training in Better Futures business services, including deconstruction, warehouse safety, appliance recycling, janitorial services, and snow and lawn care equipment training and maintenance.

Life Coaching & Compassionate Care

Mindful, compassionate, trauma-informed care is available to men 24/7 and integrated into every aspect of the two-year model, helping men build authentic relationships that are essential to building a vibrant community.

Coaching is at the heart of everything we do, and it’s part of everyone’s role at Better Futures Minnesota to address all needs with compassion and support. That can simply mean reaching out to someone who is having a bad day and asking what they need, or it can mean an intensive case-management approach where a trained life coach walks alongside a participant in every area of growth.

We believe change is a collaborative exercise. A coaching framework rooted in compassion, honesty, vulnerability, and a willingness to learn is essential for building a better future.


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