Creating change through integrated care

Through our partners and community support, we are working to address a public health issue rooted in core traumas.

Better Futures Minnesota is a public health intervention model working to address the root causes of chronic poverty and homelessness, dependency on public assistance programs, racial disparities in physical and mental health outcomes, and high rates of untreated trauma and illnesses that often lead to incarceration.

We believe mass incarceration, homelessness, and untreated mental and physical health challenges is a serious public health crisis. For many of the men we serve, their lives have been marked by chaos, violence, and loss—experiences that contribute to mental and physical health problems, feelings of devaluation and rage, and lost human potential.

Through a series of partnerships and community support, we are working to address this deep public health issue. Since beginning our model in 2007, evidence has shown us that healing from these traumas is essential before participants can succeed as workers, fathers, and responsible community members.

We know that it’s not just a job that’s needed—it’s that supports such as housing, mental and physical health care, life coaching, job training, and connection to a meaningful, vibrant community are essential for men to transform their lives and walk a path to success.

Our results 

The initial results of this unique social enterprise—both in the high percentage of success stories and the low cost to the community—are confirming the value and promise of an integrated, community-based endeavor.

For each dollar spent, the results double or more in benefits. In addition, the cost of the full complement of housing and support services offered through Better Futures Minnesota is 50 percent less than the cost of prison. Just as important, men in Better Futures are able to contribute and produce economic and social benefits that are not attainable while they are incarcerated.

Our key outcomes:

  • Enroll and serve single adults with multiple and chronic barriers to stabilization
  • Connect people to healthy homes
  • Reduce the use of costly governmental systems (prisons, jails, treatment centers, homeless shelters)
  • Increase parental involvement which helps address childhood trauma related to incarceration
  • Increase child support payments
  • Increase employment and wage rates
  • Reduce recidivism (the likelihood of committing a future crime)
  • Reduce chronic homelessness
  • Preliminary analysis shows that every $1 invested generates $2-$4 in benefits

Creating success stories in 2016


men received outreach services


men received coaching, housing, and job placement support


men were employed through Better Futures Minnesota commercial enterprises


men obtained permanent housing

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