City of Bloomington, MN
monthly collection of bulky items for reuse and recycling

Who is eligible for bulky item pickup in Bloomington, MN

The Service is provided to all City of Bloomington residential solid waste & recycling customers. This includes single family properties, duplexes, and certain townhomes that have opted into city garbage and recycling service.  
If you are unsure if you have city service, enter your address in the CITY COLLECTION HAULER MAP.  Households with city service are identified on this map with a star. 

Acceptable items & quantity limits

Please read entire guide before scheduling your pickup. Items that are not reusable or recyclable will not be accepted. Contact City Utility Billing to schedule a pickup from your garbage hauler of those items. Collection fees may apply.
Mattress & Box Spring
Large Appliance
Furniture - Must be in good condition (FREE OF RIPS, STAINS, SCRATCHES, STRONG ORDERS, AND/OR PET HAIR) includes couch/chair (NO reclining or powered), table (No Glass Top), Shelving (NO Glass), bed frames (No head boards, footboards or wooden rails).
Rugs - Must be in good condition, 8' x 10' or less (FREE OF RIPS, STAINS, SCRATCHES, STRONG ORDERS, AND/OR PET HAIR).
Bicycles - Any condition
Powered Lawn/Snow Equipment - Working condition only.
Toilets - Working condition only under 8 years old.
Sinks - Good condition
Cabinets - Doors must be attached with no damage and in good condition.
Sold wood Doors - Doors must be in good condition, with no peeling paint or drastic alteration, and no dry rot or water damage to the door or failing seal.
Windows - No broken glass or failing seals.
Light Fixtures - No shiny gold or brass elements.
Grills - Any condition, no propane tanks.
We will accept 50 cubic feet or less of this building material. 50 cubic feet is the amount that would fit in the back of standard size pickup truck bed.
Lumber - must 4-12 feet long and free of any nails, screws or staples.
Trim - Must be in good condition and free of any nails.
Tile - Must be complete boxes only. We do not accept loose tile or tile not in original box.
Plywood - Must be in good condition with no water damage and no less than 4'x4'
Fencing - Metal & Wood
Miscellaneous scrap metal
All tools must be in working condition in order for us to accept these items. Please make sure items are free of rust or major damage and if it's a power tool it must be in working condition.
Power Tools
Garden Tools
Hand Tools
Toolbox and misc. tools
Choose one of the following pickup offerings:
1. Up to 2 large items
2. Up to 1 large item and 2 medium items
3. Up to 1 large item and 50 cubic feet of building materials
4. Up to 3 medium items
5. Up 2 medium items with 50 cubic feet of building material

In addition, collection of 4 tools may be requested with any pickup. The number of items set out monthly cannot exceed limits, but can be less.
City of Bloomington Website

Items not accepted

Items that are not reusable or recyclable will not be accepted. Please visit the City of Bloomington's website below for more information on alternative disposal options for items not accepted.
Plumbing materials (PVC)
HVAC Materials
Hazardous Waste, Chemicals & Paint
Propane Tanks
Shingles - roofing material
Yard and Tree waste
Fluorescent fixtures or bulbs
Windows with peeling paint or lead paint

How to schedule

Pickup must be scheduled by 4 p.m. at least two business days ahead of your regular monthly pickup day. There is no extra cost for these items to be picked up. Service is included in the monthly Curbside Cleanup fee on your utility bill. 

By phone at 612-353-5400 (Monday through Friday 8 a.m. - 5 p.m.)
Online form below

Schedule your pickup

Please note items will be picked up the first full week of each month, on your regular garbage and recycling day. Please have materials out to the curb on your collection day before 7 a.m. 
City of Bloomington, MN garbage & recycling pickup days.
Use this map oir link below to figure out which day your garbage and recycling is picked up. Please indicate which day on the form above. 
alt="Bloomington, MN map explaining which days trash is picked up from the city"Garbage and recycling

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