Deconstruction Services

Better Futures Minnesota has over 14 years expereince as a Deconstruction company that also trains their participantsfor a career in deconstructino or construction. 

We work with contractors, architects, and homeowners in the Twin Cities metropolitan area and other parts of Minnesota—at an exceptionally fair price—to provide leading deconstruction services and reduce waste. We have extensive experience managing the deconstruction and donations process. Our business manager will recommend qualified appraisers for your donation materials and ensure your deconstruction project is completed in a timely and efficient manner.

Our specially trained crews are ready to get started on your deconstruction project. Tell us what you’ve got in mind.




Crew hours (Mon-Friday): 8AM - 3PM

Business hours (Mon-Friday):  7AM-4PM
Busness Hours: 7AM - 4PM



How We Work

Site Visit

We visit the site to see which items will be donated to the ReUse Warehouse Store...


We compile a quote and timeline

Schedule our services

Once we figure out the timeline we will work with you or your contractors to schedule the deconstruction. 

Deconstruction & Cleanup

Our guys will arrive at 9am to start the deconstruction. They will leave between 2-3pm each day and will clean up the site when they finish. 

Final payment & tax deduction form

After everything is complete, we complete our paperwork and request our final payment. We will send you all tax deductible paperwork at that time.

Why is a site visit important?

The first step in a potential deconstruction is a site visit to examine the building. This consists of visually surveying your building to estimate the basic material types and the overall condition of the structure. The next step is a building material list which helps us figure out your tax-deductible donation to our ReUse Warehouse Store. This deduction will lower the price of your deconstruction project. So, in order for us to provide you with the true cost of our Deconstruction Services we must schedule a site visit.

Our Deconstruction Managers

Better Futures Minnesota has over 15 years’ experience as a Deconstruction company, we also train our participants for a career in deconstruction/construction.

Our managers have over 30+ years working in Deconstruction and construction.

Quinn Jenkins

Deconstruction Manager

Our Deconstruction Crew

Our crews are OSHA 10 & Fall Protection Certified, each participants receives 20+ hours of training related to Deconstruction safety and the proper use of equipment and tools. Once a participant is OSHA certified they receive two weeks of hands-on experience working on a deconstruction site. Our site supervisors have a minimum of 4 years’ experience working in Deconstruction.

Providing jobs. Supporting our environment.

Why use Better Futures deconstruction services?

Landfill diversion is cost-effective and better for the environment, which benefits contractors and the wider community. In addition, deconstruction can save homeowners money, since the value of salvaged items from a home or building may be treated as a donation to Better Futures Minnesota, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.

EPA estimations cite that construction waste accounts for up to 40 percent of the solid waste going into landfills. In 2015, through our deconstruction services and reuse warehouse, we worked to divert nearly 700 tons of construction and demolition waste from Minnesota’s landfills.

In addition, when you hire Better Futures for deconstruction services for your home or building, you help the men we serve get the job training and skills they need to survive in a new economy, and you help ensure that 75 to 85 percent of a home or building is recycled or reused.
Better Futures Minnesota seeks to disrupt this growing public health crisis through effective, efficient, and compassionate practices and services that work to avoid victimization costs and provide men with the opportunities they need to become productive citizens, fathers, employees, and neighbors.
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