A 2015 Yale University study shows that 12.8 percent of total materials in landfills is construction and demolition waste. Of those building materials, nearly 80 percent could have been recycled or reused.

Better Futures Minnesota’s deconstruction services recycles or reuses 75 to 85 percent of all building materials. In 2015, through our deconstruction services and ReUse Warehouse, we worked to divert nearly 700 tons of construction and demolition waste from Minnesota’s landfills. What's more, according to the Environmental Protection Agency's lifecycle analysis, that resulted in a diversion of 800 tons of greenhouse gas emissions that cause pollution and respiratory illnesses. When materials are recycled or reused, greenhouse gas emissions are avoided.

Deconstruction provides an environmentally friendly and cost-effective alternative to demolition. Unlike demolition, deconstruction carefully removes a structure so that materials are recycled, repurposed, or reused instead of being sent to a landfill. Through our specialized deconstruction services, we work to recover salvageable building materials and divert as much material from the landfill as possible. Through deconstruction and reuse, we can help cities like Minneapolis get to zero waste!

In 2015, through our deconstruction services and Reuse Warehouse:

Learn more about how deconstruction creates jobs and protects Minnesota's environment.

Better Futures Minnesota seeks to disrupt this growing public health crisis through effective, compassionate practices and services that work to avoid victimization costs and provide men with the opportunities they need to become productive citizens, fathers, employees, and neighbors.
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