Donations are a critical component to making our success. Please review our donation guidelines below before dropping off items or scheduling a pickup. Thank You!

All donated items should be in clean, working condition, with all parts - no rust, broken parts, mold, or hand painted items. Our donation list below is a guideline only. If you are unsure about your donation, email us or fill out the form at the bottom of this page. We reserve the right to refuse any donation that we do not deem sellable.

Donations will be approved or refused by the store staff at the time of drop off. Please understand that we are not able to determine over the phone if your donation will be accepted or guarantee that your donation will be accepted when you arrive at the store. Please refer to our guidelines for acceptable items and for the appropriate condition of donated items.

All donations are tax deductible. 



2620 Minnehaha Ave
Minneapolis, MN 55406


Monday: 9AM - 2PM
Tuesday - Friday: 9AM - 3PM
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ReUse Warehouse

Donation Guidelines

We greatly appreciate your support through a donation. These tips will help us process your donation faster.

All items should be clean and in working order, appliances must be clean and in working order with no missing or broken parts. If an appliance is older than 8 years, we require a $35 recycling fee to accept the donation. 

Please see our accepted & do not accept items below for more information. 

We do not accept roofing material, siding, carpet and insulation for donation see below for full list. 

We cannot accept these type of doors or door items:

Hollow core doors, doors with missing parts, doors that are bowed, warped, or have peeling paint, broken glass, drastic alterations, rot and any doors with failing seals or asbestos.

We cannot accept these types of windows or window items:

Windows with crumbling glazing or peeling paint, Single-pane windows,
plastic curtain rods, plastic, metal or wood blinds, curtains, drapes, roll-up shades, windows with broken seals or fogging, windows with cracked panes or windows that need to be put together.
"Don't dump your usable building materials. Donate them to the ReUse Warehouse Store."

Accepted items:

We accept home improvement items & building materials that are in sellable condition. Please note we reserve the right to refuse any donation we do not deem sellable, even if we stated otherwise over the phone. 

We accept appliances (older than 8 years requires a recycling fee of $35), Kitchen Cabinets, bathroom vanities, full boxes of tiles (Ceramic, porcelain, marble, granite, slate and other natural stone tiles), wood flooring, solid wood doors, vinyl windows, lumber, trim or molding 6' or longer, newer ceiling fans (Blades must be attached with no gold or brass), working light fixtures, granite countertops, HVAC, radiators in good condition, toilets, sinks, and newer items in original boxes. 

If the item you wish to donate is not listed here, kindly utilize the form below to send us an email detailing the item for donation.


*Roofing Material

*House Siding


*Carpet & Laminate Flooring

*Paint or stain

*Mattresses, box Springs & beds

*Hallow core doors

*Fluorescent bulbs or light bulbs

We also do not accept these items, electronics, Batteries, Cell phones, Hazardous materials, Computers, Printers, 
Out of trend light fixtures/ceiling fans (certain older vintages okay),
Light fixtures with shiny brass or gold (modern designs ok), Track lighting, 
Ceiling fans without blades attached, Used unboxed nails or screws,
Older kitchen or bathroom fixtures, Older tubs, Old medicine cabinets, 
Older shower doors (must be modern glass design), Damaged kitchen cabinets, 
Appliances 8 years or older (though we will accept with a $35 recycling fee),
and Lumber with nails or 6’ or shorter and Anything damaged or with missing parts. 

If you have further questions please send us an email below or call the store. 
Please note that we reserve the right to refuse any donation we do not deem sellable, even if we stated otherwise over the phone. 

Do you have a question about a donation?

Send us an email if you have a questions about a donation.
Please note we reserve the right to refuse any donation we do not deem sellable. 


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