You can help us make an impact

A supportive community is essential to creating change and rebuilding lives.

At Better Futures Minnesota, we’re dedicated to rebuilding lives through housing, jobs, health, and coaching supports that give men the skills and relationships they need to succeed. But it takes more than the men to succeed—it takes an integrated, community-supported model that provides men with the support they need to start rebuilding their lives.

We believe mass incarceration, homelessness, and untreated mental and physical health challenges are a serious public health crisis. For many of the men we serve, their lives have been marked by chaos, violence, and loss—experiences that contribute to mental and physical health challenges, feelings of devaluation and rage, and lost human potential.

Our integrated-care model focuses on Four Fundamentals, a core of services designed to help men heal from this trauma. We know this healing process is essential before they can succeed as workers, students, fathers, and community members. This model has proven successful, and we hope others will use it to begin creating change and transforming lives in their communities.

How you can help

Encourage public support

Encourage your state elected officials to create a pool, or pools, of funds that will enable a state agency to support an integrated health care model for adults, primarily minority men, with histories of mental illness, substance abuse, homelessness, incarceration, and chronic unemployment.

Support long-term community health

Minnesota is facing a serious problem of mass incarceration. Since 2000, the rate of incarceration in Minnesota has spiked 42 percent, despite the fact that crime has dropped. We believe that many of the current systems and practices are unfair and produce unacceptable outcomes. Minnesota taxpayers and our communities deserve much better results.

You can help produce positive outcomes in Minnesota by supporting:

  • Voter expansion to include Individual in the community on felony probation/parole
  • Reduced use of mandatory-minimum sentencing for technical violations
  • Reduced use of revocations due to technical violations
  • Mandatory child-support restructuring for individuals released from incarceration
  • Crime-free lease addendum exemptions for individuals engaged in “re-entry” services

Support Better Futures Minnesota

Shop at our Reuse Warehouse. Hire a work crew for our on-site services. Donate your appliances. When you support Better Futures, you’re helping to protect Minnesota’s environment while giving men the opportunity they need to become productive citizens, fathers, employees, and neighbors.

You can also support us by volunteering your time and talent, donating funds, and promoting our efforts to reduce the waste in Minnesota’s landfills! 




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